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Capability Statement:

Access One is an on-demand transport company with 20-plus years of combined experience.  Access One Transport provides a host of delivery services across Texas and surrounding states.  By leveraging our dedication to assisting businesses such as retail, manufacturers, eCommerce providers, restaurants, grocery chains, etc., we provide safe, reliable, dependable delivery, efficient coordination, superior customer service, and a smooth and trouble-free delivery experience.  Utilizing a customer-focused approach, dedication, and commitment to excellence, our fully vetted couriers and customer service team provide value-adding service to our clients.  Our customer satisfaction is our key priority, as our mission is to attract and retain clients by providing best-in-class, fast, reliable delivery solutions, consistently delivering loads on time and in excellent condition. 


We ensure fast, reliable, and experienced resources to provide transport services while treating all shipments with care and respect.  To ensure safe and verified deliveries, each order is equipped with electronic order confirmation, address verification, order tracking, and electronic proof of delivery with photos.  We are committed to providing reliable service on schedule, abiding by the policies and procedures that ensure and enhance safety.

Customer Service & Satisfaction:

Workers at Warehouse Computer

We consistently please our customers in every industry, tailoring our service to meet our client’s special needs • Scalable Delivery Solutions: Our scalable solutions enable fast and easy way of sending nearly anything, anywhere by simply placing an instant order • TWIC Certified: Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) allows us to tender packages to the aircraft, maritime, and ports • Reliable and Value-Adding Service: Our dedicated drivers ensure trusting and dependable service, as well as efficient operational processes that get things done faster, better, and at the best cost • Exceptional Routing and Directional Skills: Our transport efficiency and resourcefulness is vital for delivering time sensitive packages on time, always • Safety & Quality: We abide by the safety practices that help us protect our client’s loads, while delivering high quality services to the clients • Professionalism: Maintain professionalism in all our dealings and promoting professional conduct in the practice of all employees.

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